College Affordability Academy

Robert Morris University has launched the College Affordability Academy®, a training initiative for admissions counselors, financial aid officers, faculty mentors, and student support staff to make the college financing system as transparent as possible for prospective students.

The outcome of the College Affordability Academy is for anyone involved in the recruitment and enrollment process to be able to provide prospective students and their families with unbiased information about all sorts of money questions, including:

  • Student debt and college financing options
  • Students' expected earnings upon graduation
  • How to find third-party ratings and evaluations of RMU
  • How campus employment, study abroad, and internships contribute to lifetime employability

Participants in the College Affordability Academy developed capstone projects that would help translate what participants learned in the academy to prospective students and their families. The video below, “A Tale of Two Students,” is one example. Another team developed the “Now What Calculator” that admissions counselors are already using to show prospective students how much their monthly loan payments will be upon graduation.

Capstone projects were reviewed by a panel of outside experts from organizations including the College Board, PNC, Henderson Brothers, and Noel-Levitz. RMU plans to partner with the College Board, PNC, and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA), among others, to share the College Affordability Academy lessons with high school guidance counselors; state legislators and policy makers; other colleges and universities; and parents and prospective students across Pennsylvania and elsewhere. For more information email

A Tale of Two Students: Bobby Mo and Owen Moore

A Tale of Two Study Abroad Students: Bobbie Mo and Homer Bound

A Tale of Two Graduate Students: Bobbie Mo and Noah Plan

A Tale of Two College-Bound Students: Bobby Mo and Cara Free

A Tale of Two Online Students: Bobbie Mo and Missy Class

A Tale of Two Graduates: Bobby Mo and Will Cruise

These videos contain copyrighted material and are the property of Robert Morris University of Pittsburgh, PA. It was conceived and written by RMU admissions, RMU Online Staff, financial aid and student financial services staff upon completion of their College Affordability Academy® training. No changes, modifications, adaptations, unauthorized customization or reproduction of this video may be made without express written permission of Robert Morris University and the inclusion of the RMU logo, copyright and provisions herein.