Alumni Stories

“The companies that recruited from Robert Morris were the companies I wanted to work for.”

“The online M.B.A. program has allowed me to earn my degree while working full time – even when my job took me to Germany and China.”

“I knew RMU would be the perfect fit for me to build upon the skills I learned in the Marine Corps.” 

“RMU taught me how to set myself apart and to network, which ultimately sets me up for success in my career.”

“The skills I learned at RMU helped me to realize that, because I know how to communicate effectively, the sky is the limit for me.”

“A faculty mentor took me under his wing and brought me to a local gathering of professionals. It really helped confirm what I wanted to do with my career.”

“The internship requirement is huge. It gives you such great exposure and experience. It really helps get your foot in the door.”

“RMU taught me how to learn, and that’s what this job is.”

“I do think that Robert Morris was a good place for me. It was a good fit.”

“If I hadn’t had that one-on-one with my professors, I probably would have quit. And if I’d chosen a bigger school, I probably wouldn’t have had that attention.”

“RMU’s communication skills program sets them apart. That was one of the things that gave me an immediate leg up when I got out into the workforce.”

“The professors gave us guidance, but they let us run. They’re smart. They’ve worked in the industry, so they know how to help us get to where we are going.”

“I came to RMU for data analytics because it’s a field that can transform every industry.”

“My dissertation literally paid off. I hadn’t even finished writing the thing when I was called and they asked if I wanted the job.”

“The school is full of wonderful people who saw potential in me and valued my dedication to education aspirations.”

“Attending a smaller private university with manageable class sizes has been a key to my success in the classroom.”

“The professors and advisors on my doctoral research project are committed to supporting me. They really encourage me to stretch myself.” 

“The teaching certification program aligns so well with the master’s program that I only had to take a few additional classes to obtain my master’s degree. It seemed almost foolish not to do it.”

“I chose RMU because I wanted a stepping stone into something great. And I’ve gotten that.”

“The health services administration program at RMU competes with major nursing schools and produces fine graduates.”

“I am a purposeful person, and this school gave me purpose.”

“I look forward to every day because there is always something exciting and different going on.”

“I want to make a difference.”

“My former teacher at RMU is now a collaborator and friend. I believe she trusts my judgment and values my opinions.”

"Completing my master’s was something I had always wanted to do."

“My dad said to me, ‘The only days that you waste are the days you don’t learn anything.’ So I decided I was going to learn something every day.”

The Student Engagement Transcript gives you the opportunity to get involved on campus, to make those connections and be able to network with different groups.

"What I did on the field for four years is what I apply to nursing now."

“I hope to look back over the next 10-20 years and realize that a lot of us today were a big part of this university's foundation."

“I just felt like I was not done in my academic journey and wanted to prove to myself that I could successfully achieve such a difficult goal."

"I discovered my passion and changed my life path permanently."

"I love that I can go to a classroom and know everyone, but also meet new people every day if I want."

"Data analytics is something I didn’t realize I liked so much until I started doing it."