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Special Education  
List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

SPED0605 - Field Experiences 6085
SPED0606 - Field Experiences 6060
SPED0607 - Field Experiences 6070
SPED0608 - Field Experiences 6080
SPED0650 - Field Experiences 6050
SPED0655 - Field Experiences 6055
SPED0675 - Field Experiences 6075
SPED6020 - Read/Spec Ed: Instr Meth/Prac
SPED6030 - Special Education Settings
SPED6040 - High-Incidence Disab: Mths/Pra
SPED6050 - Low-Incidence Disab: Mths/Prac
SPED6055 - Introduction To Autism
SPED6060 - Advanced Studies In Behavior
SPED6070 - Communication and Special Educ
SPED6075 - Advanced Studies In Autism
SPED6080 - Special Learning Needs (Course Code was formerly: EDUC6080)
SPED6083 - Tech Support Students Autuism
SPED6085 - Principles Of Inclusion (Course Code was formerly: EDUC6085)
SPED6090 - Asses/Eval Individ Instruction
SPED6095 - Practicum In Special Education