Course Descriptions for the Finance and Economics Department

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

ECON1010 - Survey Of Economics
ECON1015 - Honors Survey Of Economics
ECON1020 - Principles Of Macroeconomics (Course Code was formerly: EC101)
ECON1030 - Principles Of Microeconomics (Course Code was formerly: EC102)
ECON3020 - Intermediate Macroeconomics (Course Code was formerly: ECON2100)
ECON3030 - Intermediate Microeconomics (Course Code was formerly: ECON2200)
ECON3050 - Free Market Economics (Course Code was formerly: ECON2750)
ECON3060 - Environmental Economics
ECON3070 - Econ Of Professional Sports
ECON3100 - United States Economic History (Course Code was formerly: EC305)
ECON3200 - Labor Economics (Course Code was formerly: EC309)
ECON3400 - Money and Banking (Course Code was formerly: EC383)
ECON3500 - Introduction To Econometrics (Course Code was formerly: EC310)
ECON4150 - Behavioral Economics
ECON4200 - Bus Enterprise/Public Policy (Course Code was formerly: EC420)
ECON4500 - International Trade/Finance (Course Code was formerly: EC450)
ECON4700 - Seminar On Research In Econ (Course Code was formerly: EC475)
ECON4913 - Internship/Co-Op


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