Undergraduate Degrees, Majors and Concentrations

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

JRNL2015 - Info Gathering For Journalism (Course Code was formerly: JRNL3010)
JRNL2020 - Copy Editing
JRNL2035 - News Writing I
JRNL2040 - News Writing II (Course Code was formerly: JRNL2010)
JRNL2060 - Feature Writing
JRNL3020 - Journalism Production (Course Code was formerly: COMM3060)
JRNL3021 - Journalism Production Prac I
JRNL3022 - Journalism Production Prac II
JRNL3030 - News Writing II
JRNL3031 - Broadcast News Writing (Course Code was formerly: JRNL2080)
JRNL3050 - Journalism Law and Ethics
JRNL3055 - Writing For Magazines/E-Zines
JRNL3075 - International Communications
JRNL3085 - Interaction Sports, Pol, Media
JRNL4010 - Mass Media Seminar


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