Degrees and Majors of the School of Communications and Information Systems

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

BIOL1030 - Wrld Of Plants-Struct/Function (Course Code was formerly: NS103)
BIOL1040 - Prin & Issues Human Heredity (Course Code was formerly: NS104)
BIOL1050 - Conc & Controversies Nutrition (Course Code was formerly: NS105)
BIOL1060 - Physical Fitness:Measmnt/Apprs (Course Code was formerly: SPMG1012)
BIOL1120 - Food Science and Application
BIOL1130 - Biochemistry For Nutrition
BIOL1140 - Nutrition In The Lifecycle
BIOL1210 - Anatomy and Physiology I (Course Code was formerly: NS121)
BIOL1215 - Anatomy & Physiology Lab I
BIOL1220 - Anatomy and Physiology II (Course Code was formerly: NS122)
BIOL1225 - Anatomy & Physiology Lab II
BIOL1250 - Fund Of Human Biology/Health (Course Code was formerly: NS125)
BIOL1310 - Principles Of Biology (Course Code was formerly: NS131)
BIOL1315 - Principles Of Biology Lab
BIOL1320 - Biology Of Living Organisms (Course Code was formerly: NS132)
BIOL2050 - Human Nutrition
BIOL2310 - Principles Of Biology II
BIOL2315 - Principles Of Biology II Lab
BIOL2370 - Microbiology (Course Code was formerly: NS237)
BIOL2380 - Microbiology Laboratory (Course Code was formerly: NS238)
BIOL2420 - Organismal Biology
BIOL2470 - Botany
BIOL2480 - Botany Laboratory
BIOL2570 - Zoology
BIOL2580 - Zoology Laboratory
BIOL3110 - Advanced Human Anatomy
BIOL3115 - Advanced Human Anatomy Lab
BIOL3210 - Histology
BIOL3215 - Histology Laboratory
BIOL3310 - Animal Behavior
BIOL3370 - Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOL3375 - Cell/Molecular Biology Lab
BIOL3470 - Human Genetics
BIOL3475 - Human Genetics Laboratory
BIOL3570 - Comparative Vertebrae Anatomy (Course Code was formerly: BIOL2670)
BIOL3580 - Comparative Vertebrae Anat Lab (Course Code was formerly: BIOL2680)
BIOL3640 - Computational Biology
BIOL3650 - Advanced Physiology (Course Code was formerly: BIOL2770)
BIOL3660 - Advanced Physiology Lab (Course Code was formerly: BIOL2780)
BIOL3670 - Clinical Microbiology
BIOL3680 - Clinical Microbiology Lab
BIOL3770 - Plant Physiology
BIOL3780 - Plant Physiology Lab
BIOL4000 - Neuroscience
BIOL4200 - Animal Behavior
BIOL4220 - Medical Genetics and Bioethics
BIOL4225 - Medical Genetics/Bioethics Lab
BIOL4250 - Animal Behavior Laboratory
BIOL4270 - Immunology
BIOL4275 - Immunology Laboratory
BIOL4470 - Embryology
BIOL4475 - Embryology Laboratory
BIOL4600 - Medical Semnr/Mcat Prep Part A
BIOL4650 - Medical Semnr/Mcat Prep Part B
BIOL4700 - Senior Thesis
BIOL4902 - Biology Internship/Coop
BIOL4903 - Biology Internship/Coop