Degrees and Majors of the School of Communications and Information Systems

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

CHEM1210 - Chemistry I
CHEM1215 - Chemistry I Lab
CHEM1220 - Bio-Organic Chemistry
CHEM1225 - Bio-Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM2100 - Intro To Forensic Science
CHEM2150 - Intro To Forensic Science Lab
CHEM2210 - Chemistry II
CHEM2215 - Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2320 - Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2325 - Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM2420 - Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2425 - Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM3220 - Biochemistry
CHEM3225 - Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM3500 - Environmental Chemistry
CHEM3550 - Environmental Chemistry Lab
CHEM4500 - Instrumental Analysis