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RMU Research #: 21518
Title: The Challenge of Negation in Searches and Queries
Author/PI: Valerie J Powell;   Jeanne M Baugh
Date(s): 04/21/2003
Category: Computer Information Systems
Type: Conference Paper
Description: Negation poses certain challenges for queries and searches. This paper deals with exclusionary queries implemented using the ISO database language SQL and a dialog-based interface and with retrieval searches involving negation. This research arose because instructors in database courses noticed a large proportion of students making mistakes on certain queries. The paper explores underlying comprehension issues and makes practical recommendations on identifying potential sources of error and avoiding incorrect or misleading results. Proposed actions include changes in general education and database training and encouraging implementation of the new SQL:1999 standard. Paper presented at International Applied Business Research Conference, Acapulco, Mexico, March 21, 2003.
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