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RMU Research #: 25220
Title: CYBERSPACE TAXATION: An Economic and Consumer Perspective
Author/PI: Alan D Smith;   William T Rupp
Date(s): 01/01/2002
Category: Business
Type: Journal Paper
Description: The Paper is published in Services Marketing Quarterly Vol.24(1) 2002 The introduction of Internet taxes (cybertaxation) to the e-marketplace is the topic of both public and private business concerns. New technologies will enable the enforcement of taxation on Internet purchases in the near future and may affect consumer behavior towards Internet purchases. Economic and consumer behavior concepts may provide a practical and theoretical basis for working assumptions for consumer response to government-imposed taxes. By understanding the consumer, businesses should be able to make a more informed decision as to which strategy to administer  in essence the Internet tax issue only serves to cloud the issue, but sound business policies, practices and procedures should be the dominate issues.
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