MATH1050-A Math Reasoning/Applications    (Spring 2005)

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Course Details
Section reserved for students receiving an "N" grade in MATH0900 during the Fall 2004 semester.

Session, Dates: 3 (03/05/2005 - 04/30/2005)


Time: 08:00 - 08:50 am

Location: Moon Campus

Room: Hale Center 106

Seats Available: 5 Seats

Credits: 3

Course Description

QS105 Mathematical Reasoning and Applications. This course aids the student to be cognizant of the vocabulary and mathematical skills necessary to develop quantitative reasoning skills for the general liberal arts major. It takes the view that modern mathematics has become an art of posing and solving problems by logical reasoning by understanding the problem, devising a plan, and carrying out the plan. The course accomplishes these tasks by dealing with the following topics: algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, set theory, finite groups, graph theory, and basic logic. Computer applications throughout the course may be included.

Prerequisite: MATH0900 or content evidence by placement examination.

About The Instructor

Shirley R. Dean, M.Ed.

Part-Time Faculty
412-397-4200 phone
Hale Center 305