COMM2600-A Intro To Human Communications    (Fall 2013)

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Section will be taught as a combination of online and in class meetings. There are regularly scheduled class meeting times as well as significant online interaction and assignments. Students must arrange for daily access to a computer and the Internet prior to the start of classes. Robert Morris labs are to be used only as a backup in special situations and may not be relied upon for extended periods of time. In addition to the Internet link, online classes have a large emphasis on email. All messages from the instructor and other information regarding online classes, including user ids, passwords, and login instructions will be sent to your Robert Morris University email account.
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Session, Dates: 5 (10/21/2013 - 12/14/2013)

Days: W

Time: 06:00 - 08:00 pm

Location: Moon Campus

Room: Patrick Henry 306

Seats Available: 17 Seats

Credits: 3

The following additional fees apply to this section:   Partially Online Fee : $90.00

Course Description

This course provides frameworks for understanding human language use and communication. The frameworks define the scope and history of the study of human language, the field of communication, the nature and role of the communication professional, the variety of approaches to understanding language and communication, and the relationship of human and technological modes of communication and information-sharing. Some attention is given to those theories that focus on systems theory and that clarify the relationship of business, organization, and communication. Students will study principles of linguistics and rhetoric in the context of interpersonal communications as well as how those disciplines operate within the worlds of home, business and society. We shall seek to improve communications performance both theoretical praxis and continued performance. As with all courses in the School of Adult and Continuing Education, Human Communications will utilize an eCollege shell with significant online learning and communications components. The course will also take into account adult pedagogy and adult life style and employment issues; furthermore we will employ active, involved student centered learning activities. The course will be online, adult and active.

Prerequisite: COSK2220 or COSK2225

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