ARTM1021-A 3D Design Principles    (Spring 2014)

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Course Details

Session, Dates: 1 (01/13/2014 - 05/03/2014)

Days: W

Time: 09:00 - 11:50 am

Location: Moon Campus

Room: Wheatley Center 121

Seats Available: 1 Seat!

Credits: 3

Course Description

This course is dedicated to the study of three-dimensional form, working with a variety of media. Students will learn how to manipulate three dimensional forms and space by completing sculptural and architectural projects. Students will learn how to construct and analyze three-dimensional forms, exploring additive and subtractive processes. The assignments will develop creativity, methodology, and manipulation in three dimensions. 3 credits

About The Instructor

William Kofmehl, M.F.A.

Part-Time Faculty
Media Arts
Wheatley Center 142