PSYC3770-A Drugs and Behavior    (Spring 2014)

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Course Details

Session, Dates: 1 (01/13/2014 - 05/03/2014)

Days: M

Time: 06:00 - 08:50 pm

Location: Moon Campus

Room: Hale Center 104

Seats Available: 13 Seats

Credits: 3

Course Description

This coursse provides an introduction to the effects of psychoactive drugs. Attention is provided to essentials of psychopharmacology, classification of drugs, and how drug properties interact with characteristics of drug users to yield their effects. This course is designed as a foundational course for those interested in learning more about drugs and addictions counseling.

Prerequisites: PSYC1010 and 60 credits

About The Instructor(s)

Carolyn A. Baird, DNP

Part-Time Faculty
Social Sciences
412-397-4200 phone
Hale Center 305