DISC8120-A Tech, Human Commun & Info Trf    (Spring 2013 Doctoral)

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Session, Dates: 2 (01/07/2013 - 05/04/2013)

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Location: Moon Campus


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Credits: 3

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This Inquiry Seminar focuses on the relationship between technology, particularly information systems, and human communication and interaction. The course explores four major questions: (1) Is technology the chief characteristic of society today? (2) What is the proper role of information systems in society and business today? (3) What are the primary effects of the rapid development of technology and information systems on individual and group communications, organizational problem-solving and decision-making, and on the transfer of knowledge from one sector of society to another? (4) Which communications and information theories can clarify the technology-human communication interface and provide a foundation for decision-making? Through readings and discussions, lectures, case analyses, panel discussions, video series and guest presentations, the course will cover five major topics: (1) Technology, Information Systems and Society which considers the nature of the technology, the explosion of applications of information systems and the advantages and disadvantages of technological progress; (2) Human Communication which investigates the impact of technology on human perception, interpersonal communications, teamwork and mediated communications; (3) Organizational Issues which focuses on new organizational structures, knowledge management and the implications of decision-making software; (4) Information Transfer which asks questions about the speed of information transfer, the almost exclusive use of the English language, and the relationship of information transfer to innovation; and (5) Final Questions and Answers section which poses major questions about the role of work in an information society, about who will make decisions--people or computer programs, and provide a summary of theory which can lay a foundation for answers to these questions. 3 credits.

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Jeanne M. Baugh, Ed.D.

University Professor of Computer and Information Systems
Computer and Information Systems

412-397-6436 phone
412-397-6468 fax
Wheatley Center 223