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Adora D. Holstein, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics (Economics and Legal Studies)
412-397-5287 phone (M)
412-397-2217 fax
Massey Hall 118

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Economics, Penn State University, 1987
  • Master of Arts, Asian Studies, University of the Philippines, 1978
  • Certificate, Economic Planning, University of Tsukuba, 1981
  • Certificate, Japanese Language & Culture, Osaka Gaidai, 1978
  • BSBA & Accountancy, Managerial Accounting, University of the Philippines, 1977

Professional Background

  • Management Analyst, Institute for Small Scale Industries, University of the Philippines (October, 1977 - September, 1978).
  • Intern- Mergers and franchises, Federal Trade Commission - Antitrust Division, Summer 1982.
  • Research Assistant, Institute for Policy Research & Evaluation, Penn State University[USDA Project: Determinants of Seafood Consumption in the U.S.,June, 1982 - August, 1984.
  • Management Auditor [Regional Government Agencies], Business Research Foundation, University of the Philippines (May, 1975 - April, 1977).

Area of Expertise/Research

  • Public Policy on health care access/financing
  • Electronic health records
  • Regulation of Financial Institutions
  • Cost-effectiveness evaluation of alternative medical interventions
  • Public Policy Debate on Reducing the National Debt
  • Measures of health outcomes


  • Holstein, Adora, Brian O'Roark, and Min Lu (2012)."Determinants of the Home Price-Income Relationship: 1990-2011", Global Journal of Business Research, Forthcoming.
  • Tu, Yanbin, Steven Clinton, and Adora Holstein (2012). "Insights into Online Auction Market Structure of eBay in 2006-2007: A Historical Perspective," MIS Review. Forthcoming.
  • Holstein, Adora (2012). "The Dodd-Frank Act of 2010: How Well Does It Address Regulatory Gaps and Market Failures that Led to the Housing Bubble?" Journal of Business and Accounting. Under Review.
  • Tu, Yanbin, Min Lu, and Adora Holstein (2012). "Dynamic Transaction Environment and Market Efficiency of Electronic Marketplaces," International Journal of Electronic Business. Under Review.
  • Holstein, Adora (2012). "The Dodd- Frank 'Wall Street Reform' Act of 2010: Is Our Financial System More Stable Now?" Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Economic Association Conference, Clarion University, May 31~June 2, 2012.
  • Holstein, Adora, Patrick Litzinger, and John Dunn (2010). Optimizing the Use of the Fiscal Stimulus for Health IT in the U.S. Global Journal of Business Research, 4(2): 63-76.
  • Holstein, Adora & Patrick Litzinger (2008).  Health Care System Financing and Design - Convergent Trends in N. America and Europe. International Business and Economics Research Journal, 7(10).
  • Holstein, Adora and Stephen Foreman (2007).  Interstate Variances in Health Outcomes and Medicaid Program Generosity. Pennsylvania Economic Review, 15 (2).
  • Holstein, Adora (2007).  Public Subsidy of Health Care and Health Outcomes in OECD Countries. International Business and Economics Research Journal, 6 (12), 47-51.
  • Holstein, Adora and Stephen Foreman (2006).  Cross-State Variances in Health Outcomes and Expenditures. Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Economic Association's Annual Meeting, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, pp. 102-116.
  • Holstein, Adora (2004).  Health Outcomes and the Cost-Quality Trade-Off in Health Care: Empirical Study of OECD Countries. International Business and Economics Research Journal, 3 (7).
  • Holstein, Adora (2004).  Effects of Public Subsidy on Health Care Cost and Health Outcomes: Empirical Study of OECD Countries. Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Economic Association Conference, June 10~12, Robert Morris University, pp. 51-56.
  • Delos Santos, Adora and Xun Pomponio (1993).  Causality Tests of the Comparative Effects of Direct Investments from Japan, Europe and Canada on the U.S. Trade Deficit: 1980-1990. Best Papers Proceedings, 35th International Atlantic Economic Conference, Atlantic Ecnomic Society, Brussels, Belgium, July 1993, 3(2).
  • Bonitsis, T. Homer and Adora Delos Santos (1992).  Has Japanese Direct Investment Stimulated R&D and Investment by U.S. Industries? Proceedings of the Conference on Economic Integrations in Asia, The Asian Institute, St. John's University.


  • 2012 - Holstein, Adora (2012). The Dodd-Frank ?Wall Street Reform? Act of 2010: Is our Financial System More Stable Now? Paper presented at the Pennsylvania Economic Association Conference, May 31~June 2, 2012, Clarion University, PA.

Schedule of Courses
Schedule Book for All Active and Available Future Terms, Adora

Fall 2014
  • ECON1020-E
  • 04:40-05:55 PMM WMHolstein1 (08/25-12/13/14)18 Seats
  • ECON1020-L1
  • -ONLINEFHolstein4 (10/18-12/13/14)16 Seats
  • MBAD6023-A
  • -ONLINEIHolstein2 (08/23-10/17/14)1 Seats


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