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Shelly Haser, Ph.D.
Professor of Education (Education)
Coordinator, Accreditation & State Rprt. Standards (Education)
412-397-6023 phone (M)
412-397-6044 fax
Nicholson Center 426

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Educational Policy and Administration, The Catholic University of America, 1999
  • Master of Education, Special Education, The College of William and Mary, 1989
  • Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, West Virginia University, 1984

Professional Background

  • Robert Morris University August 2011- present Education Dept Head, Professor of Education, School of Education and Social Sciences
  • Trinity University (formerly Trinity College), Washington, DC August 1998 - May 2003 Assistant Professor of Graduate Studies, School of Education
  • Marymount University, Arlington, VA August 2005 - 2006 Assistant Chair, Education Department, School of Education and Human Services
  • Marymount University, Arlington, VA, August 2004 - August 2006 Coordinator, Marymount University/Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) Professional Development School (PDS) M.Ed. program, PK-grade 6 and Special Education
  • Marymount University Arlington, VA August 2003 - July 2011 Associate Professor and Professor, Elementary Education (PK-grade 6) with Special Education (K-12)
  • Marymount University Arlington, VA August 2006 - July 2011 Chair, Education Department School of Education and Human Services

Area of Expertise/Research

  • Pre-service Student Teachers; Professional Development Schools and Pre-service Teaching; School Reform; International Student Teaching and Graduate Study Abroad
  • PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS/AFFLIATIONS: 2004-present Phi Delta Kappa 2003-present VA Association of College Teacher Educators (VACTE) 2011-present PAC-TE 1999-2003 D.C. Association of College Teacher Educators (DCACTE), Treasurer 1998-present Association of Childhood Education International (ACEI) 1997-present American Education Research Association (AERA) 1996-present Association of Teacher Educators (ATE)
  • Teaching Certification and Licenses: WVA, PK through 7th grade. VA, PK-7th grade. VA, ED & MR special education, NK through age 2l.


  • Haser, S. (2008). The Modified Calendar Benefits for Teachers, Chapter 6; Editors: Kneese and Ballinger, Balancing the school calendar: Perspectives from the Public and Stakeholders, Rowman and Littlefield: Lanham, MD.
  • Haser, S. (2007). Year-round Education: Why it's worth considering, Washington Parent,

    January, 30-34.

  • Johnson, K. and Haser, S. (2007). Fulbright connections - Going abroad and hosting.

    Comparative & International Education Society Newsletter, 144(14).

  • Haser, S. (2006). A window to the world. MU Today, 65(fall),20.

  • Gismondi Haser, S. and Nasser, I (2005). Year-round Education: Change and Choice for

    Schools and Teachers. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press.

  • Gismondi Haser, S. (2003). Models and scaffolds: Instructing pre-service teachers in a field-

    based methods class connected with practicum. Focus on Teacher Education, 4(2),1-4.

  • Gismondi Haser, S. (2003). Snapshot of U.S. Education. Efeta (Slovak Republic Education Journal), April.
  • Nasser, I. & Gismondi Haser, S. (2002). Year-round education and teacher motivation: A case

    study of one public elementary school. Education Research Service, ERS Spectrum,

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  • Gismondi Haser, S., & Dorr, R (2002). Scaffolding teacher education students: Sparking lifelong learning through professional presentation of developed curriculum. Focus on Teacher Education, 2(3),5-7.

    Samaras, A., & Gismondi, S (1998). Scaffolds in the field: Vygotskian interpretation in a teacher

    education program. Teaching and Teacher Education, 14(7),715-733.

  • Gismondi Haser, S., & Nasser, L (2003). Teacher Job Satisfaction in a Year-Round School. Education Leadership, 6 0(8), 65 -68.


  • 2012 - International Adopted Children/Youth: Understanding Appropriate and Effective School Placements/Service, conference presentation, ACEI Global Summit on Childhood, Washington, DC.
  • 1997 - Practice makes perfect: The integration of practicum with methods courses. Presentation at the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) conference. Washington, DC.
  • 2006 - Haser, S. and Daly, J., Why do I care about Praxis?: Benefits and Challenges of Arts and Science Collaboration. Presentation at ATE-VA/VACTE, Sweet Briar College, Amherst, VA.
  • 2005 - Year-round schools and reading. Presentation at the VA College Reading Educators Fall Professional Development Day. Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, VA.
  • 2005 - Haser, S. and Yarmuth, M., Assessing Interns: The Eleven-year Evolution of the Professional Portfolio. Presentation at the National Association of Professional Development Schools, Orlando, FL.
  • 2004 - Daly, Kazemi, Yarmuth, and Haser, A Teacher Training Success Story: Ten Years of the Professional Development Academy Partnership with Fairfax County Public Schools. Presentation at Innovations, Marymount University, Arlington, VA.
  • 2004 - Daly, J. and Haser, S., Selecting Effective Mentors: Ten Years of Lessons Learned, Presentation at the National Assoc. of Professional Development Schools, Orlando, FL.
  • 2003 - Daly, Haser, Kazemi, and Yarmuth, Ten-years of mentor success in a PDS. Presentation at the National Association of Professional Development Schools, Orlando, FL.
  • 2003 - Teachers' motivation and retention: The case of the modified calendar. Presentation at the 25th annual Ethnography in Education Forum. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
  • 2003 - Snapshot of U.S. Education. Efeta (Slovak Republic Education Journal)
  • 2002 - Snapshot of U.S. Education. Invited guest speaker at Comenius University, Faculty of Education, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
  • 2002 - Gismondi Haser, S., & Nasser, I., Decreasing teacher stress to increasing teacher retention: An ethnographic study of a year-round education school. Presentation at the 23rd annual Ethnography in Education Forum. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
  • 2001 - To unite women educators in a genuine spiritual fellowship. Invited guest speaker at Delta Gamma Society International. Delta Chapter. Washington, D.C.
  • 2001 - Berman, A., Lane, K., Swartz, A., & Gismondi, S., The Chesapeake Bay: An integrated Curriculum for upper elementary teachers. Poster session at the Association of Childhood Education International (ACEI). Toronto, Canada.
  • 2001 - Gismondi, S., & Polite, V., Implementation, motivation, and attitudes of low-income parent school volunteers: A comparative case study. Presentation at the American Education Research Association (AERA) conference. New Orleans, LA.
  • 2000 - McGahan-Koon, J., Travers, M., & Gismondi, S., Our community, Northwest, D.C.: An integrated curriculum guide for teachers. Poster session at the Association of Childhood Education International (ACEI). Baltimore, MD.
  • 2009 - Mentoring new faculty ? anything new? Round table presentation at the Department and Division Chair Workshop, Council of Independent Colleges (CIC). Pittsburgh, PA.

Schedule of Courses
Schedule Book for All Active and Available Future Terms, Shelly

Fall 2014
  • ECED4200-C1
  • -APPTMHaser1 (08/25-12/13/14)43 Seats
  • ECED4210-C1
  • 04:00-05:15 PMMMHaser1 (08/25-12/13/14)43 Seats
  • EDUC4200-C1
  • 04:00-05:15 PMMMHaser1 (08/25-12/13/14)49 Seats
  • EDUC6500-A
  • 04:00-05:15 PMMMHaser1 (08/25-12/13/14)46 Seats
  • MLED4060-A
  • -APPTMHaser1 (08/25-12/13/14)20 Seats
  • MLED4200-A
  • 07:30-03:55 PMMTWRFMHaser1 (08/25-12/13/14)46 Seats
  • MLED4210-C1
  • 04:00-05:15 PMMMHaser1 (08/25-12/13/14)16 Seats

    Spring 2015
  • EDUC4200-C1
  • 03:45-05:00 PMMMHaser1 (01/12-05/02/15)49 Seats
  • EDUC6500-A
  • 03:45-05:00 PMMMHaser1 (01/12-05/02/15) Seats
  • MLED4060-A
  • -APPTMHaser1 (01/12-05/02/15)22 Seats
  • SPED6030-A
  • 06:00-10:00 PM TMHaser3 (01/12-03/06/15)17 Seats


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