SACE2900 - Intro Prior Learning Assess
Fall 2011

This course is a three-credit course offered to students in the School of Adult and Continuing Education with a twofold purpose: 1) it is an examination of what prior learning is, where and how prior learning, sometimes called extra-institutional learning, occurs and, 2) as a venue for students to rethink their career aspirations and goals as well as to guide them toward the creation of a gold standard prior learning portfolio suitable for PLA credit. This course is the first step toward awarding of PLA credit and the successful completion of the course will entitle the student to begin the PLA process. The keys to the process and this course are: RMU awards credit for learning not for experience or living; PLA is an academic process and must include the best that has been thought and written, including the most current thought; Ultimate authority for the evaluation of credit rests with the RMU faculty; Evaluation is based on written work in the RMU PLA Portfolio; Credit it based on objectives and course equivalencies. This course will have a strong Academic orientation as well as a personal focus. We will examine the meaning of education and the nature of knowledge, the world of work, careers, and civic responsibility and dimensions of personal expertise. And, hopefully, we will learn from the outsider with us all.
Prerequisite: Permission of the Dean
3 Credits

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