Registration Preparation
  • Holds: Holds can prevent the ability to register. Prior to registration, work with your Advisor, the Parking office/Police, the Registrar's office and/or Student Financial Services to resolve any holds that may prevent you from registering.
  • Payments on your account: Please plan to make your payment at least 24 hours before registration is to occur to avoid any delays.  
  • Registration Planning: At this time, you can continue to use the Sentry registration tools to plan your schedule. However, you will build your course schedule when registering using the "Banner" system. Registration planning information such as preliminary registration schedules will not be automatically transferred to Banner.
    • If you plan and build your preliminary course schedule(s) in Sentry, it may be beneficial to print out or write down this information, including the course details, and have it ready to reference when building your course schedule in Banner registration.
    • You can also open Sentry in a separate web browser window when ready to register using Banner, so that you can reference your Sentry registration planner.
  • Please review the Banner registration instructions before you attempt to register. This information is accessible via the Student Self-Service web page, under the section "Features for Students", "Registration" and will explain how use the new Banner tools to register for classes. Step by step instructions on how to register are also provided.