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How to use information on this site

Most RMU Faculty / Staff & Students will utilize Banner via the Self-Service portal. Faculty/Advisors and Students: Start Here-

University associates who work in areas such as Admissions, Academic Services, Financial Aid, Financial Services and Student Life will likely use what is referred to as "administrative" Banner functionality. This generally means logging into the Banner system and using various Banner forms and reports, and not typically using the Self-Service portal(s).

The menu links on this site (other then Banner Self-Service) provide reference information targeted to "administrative" Banner users.

Banner Project Overview

A project to evaluate replacing the Patriot SIS was commissioned in the Fall of 2017. A small team of cross functional people was formed, and this team developed requirements, conducted vendor evaluations and ultimately recommended a solution to replace the Patriot SIS.

The Banner SIS was recommended, and in September 2019, the company (Ellucian) began the formal project engagement with Robert Morris University to implement the Banner system. This project is currently underway, and expected to continue through the Fall of 2021.

Project Information

As this web site is evolving, content may change. Please provide any suggestions via help@rmu.edu