Banner Project Information

Meet the RMU Project Team

Project Sponsors / Owners:
Mary Ann Rafoth & Phill Miller

Ultimate authority/responsibility for the project. Approves changes to project scope / funding / project deliverables.

Overall Project Lead:
Kevin Matjasko

Makes the decisions for the project in conjunction with the Steering teams & team leads. Participates closely with Ellucian and with the Engagement teams. Works with team leads to ensure resource availability. Approves work products. Addresses issues and scope change requests.

Project Manager:
Kevin Matjasko

Works closely with the RMU Steering Council and Ellucian Project Manager; responsible to ensure project progresses on-track/on-budget as well as pro-actively addressing all issues and scope change requests.

Executive Steering Committee:
Mary Ann Rafoth, Jon Radermacher, Phill Miller (chair), Kevin Matjasko (co-chair), Kellie Laurenzi, Jeff Listwak/Melissa Micco, John Michalenko, School Deans (as appropriate)

Provides University wide leadership in support of the project. Resolves issues escalated by the Steering Council. Resolves or forwards process-policy issues to appropriate decision makers.

Steering Council / RMU Engagement Team leads:
Jon Radermacher, Stephanie Hendershot, Maureen Keefer, Daniell Matthews, Paige Mcclure, Cheryl Walker, Karen Zihmer, Sue Bochan, Autumn Priddy, Kevin Matjasko

High-level subject matter / process experts. Make decisions/recommendations on project functionality, budget, schedule and scope. Communicate updates/decision actions to the Executive Steering Committee. 

High Level Project Milestones / Targets

November 2, 2020

 Financial Aid go-live for Fall 2021 students / Integration with Slate

January 2021

 Automatic RMU network user account provisioning

April 5, 2021

 Fall 2021 Registration go-live for all students

April-May 2021

 Accounts Receivable / new ePay go-live

May-June 2021

 Financial Aid go-live for all students

September 2021

 DegreeWorks go-live (degree audit tool)

October-November 2021

 Banner Analytics & Transfer Course Equivalency assessment go-live

How does this project impact the Patriot, Sentry and RMU reporting systems? 

The Banner project is a strategic, multi-year project that impacts Faculty, Staff and Students.  The RMU & Ellucian project teams are working to make this transition as easy and transparent as possible for everyone impacted.  As with any project of this scope, there will be challenges along the way.

The Patriot, Sentry and Reporting systems will continue to be used to actively manage faculty, student, course and schedule related information through the Summer 2021 term. 

The introduction and use of the Banner system is now underway, and running in parallel with Patriot & Sentry.  The migration of Patriot to Banner is targeted to be complete during the Fall 2021 term.  Sentry will remain in use, but the user interface (screens and options) are likely change.  The current reporting tool is also likely to change, and the initial focus is to deliver the critical reports needed across the University.

Please contact any of the RMU project team members for more information.