Banner AppNav - Searching for a Person by Name

If you know a Person's Name

You can also find a person's ID number and detailed information, using name in the SPAIDEN form. From the Banner AppNav home page, enter SPAIDEN:

First, make sure the ID field is blank. If it isn't, clear the field by using the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard.  Then push the tab key on your keyboard.  This will open up a name field where you can type in the exact name of the person.

Method 1: Click the 3 dots next to the ID field, which will allow you to search by name.

Method 2: Press the <Tab> button on the keyboard, enter the person's name in this format: Last Name, First Name and press the <Tab> button again on your keyboard.

- If there is an exact name match, the ID field will populate and you can click the 'Go' button (right of screen) to view the person details.

- If there is not an exact name match, you'll be presented with this screen:

If you know additional information regarding the person that you are searching for, you can enter it on this screen, and then click the the 'Search' button (bottom of this window). For example, if you know the city, state, zip code that this person lives in, you can use that to narrow the search. If you don't know more information, or narrowing the search results in multiple names, click the 'Person Search Detail' button to view the search results

When viewing the search results, remember to click to select the "person" record with the "R" ID (ex. R000123456). This is the Banner ID.

This will take you to the SPAIDEN screen. Please click this link for more information.