Student Profile

Student Profile Page Layout

Student name and Banner ID are displayed across the top of this page. If a "Confidential" indicator is also displayed, this means you have requested non-disclosure of "directory information". Directory information includes: student name, address, telephone number(s), major field of study, dates of attendance, class level and full-time/part-time status. Ensure you select the proper Term above the student picture; Term is a drop-down field if more than one term is available to view.


The black bar below your name on the top of the page displays Term, Academic Standing, Overall Credit Hours (earned), Overall GPA, Registration Notices and Holds.

You can click the drop down arrow next to the Term (above your picture) to select an effective Term and the associated information for that term will be displayed.

Click on Registration Notices (top right) to view any notices and check your status for registration. Registration Notices include your registration time ticket (or time slot) for registration.

Click on Holds (top right) to view any hold information. Work with the appropriate RMU party to address any holds as they can impact your ability to register.

Time Tickets for Registration

When you click the Registration Notices for the given Term (the Term selected above your picture on this profile page), you will see various Registration Notice information, including your registration time. This is displayed via the Time Tickets information (example below).

In this example, there are no time tickets configured, which means the student can register at any time. RMU typically creates registration time tickets (or time slots) for students to register; you will find and view your registration time slot using this method. The example below is similar to what you may see if you are assigned a specific time to register:


The left side menu is used to navigate to various tools within the Banner system that you will need during your time at RMU. You can also view your Prior Education & Testing if that information was provided during the Admissions process.

In the middle of the page, you will see your Biographic / Demographic information, General Information, Graduation Information and Advisor Information.

On the right side of the page, you will see Curriculum, Hours & GPA. You can click on the tabs to view Primary, Secondary curriculum and Hours / GPA. Below the Curriculum, Hours & GPA area, you will also see your Class Registration Information.