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ENGR3110 - Thermodynamics and Energetics
Spring 2013

This course educates students about energy conversions and reciprocal transformations of heat into work. Topics include first and second law of thermodynamics, thermodynamic variables, properties and relations, ideal-gas models, calculation of energy, entropy, and enthalpy variations, open and closed systems, control-volume analyses, and reversible as well as irreversible processes.
Prerequisites: MATH2170, PHYS2210 and PHYS2215
3 Credits

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ENGR3110-A Thermodynamics and Energetics
28 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: R
       Location: Moon Room: John Jay 117
    Time: 09:00-01:00 pm Instructor: Kerzmann
    Session: 6 (06/11 - 08/04/16) Term: Summer 2016
            More Info!
      Prerequisites: MATH2170, PHYS2210 and PHYS2215
ENGR3110-A Thermodynamics and Energetics
6 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: T R
       Location: Moon Room:
    Time: 09:30-10:50 am Instructor: Kerzmann
    Session: 1 (08/29 - 12/17/16) Term: Fall 2016
            More Info!
      Prerequisites: MATH2170, PHYS2210 and PHYS2215