Hospitality and Tourism Management

BIOL3210 - Histology
Spring 2014

Histology is the study of tissue sectioned as a thin slice, using a microtome. It can be described as microscopic anatomy. Histology is an essential tool of biology. This course will provide the student with an understanding of the functions and characteristics of epithelial tissue, connective tissues, including adipose tissue, cartilage and bone. The student will be able to recognize the various types and functions of nervous tissue, muscle tissue, the immune system and skin. The student will learn the properties of the organs of the digestive system their associated glands; the components of the urinary system, circulatory and respiratory systems and the function and properties of the neuroendocrine system including the adrenal glands.
Prerequisites: BIOL2570, BIOL2580, CHEM2210 and CHEM2215 Co-requisite: BIOL3215
3 Credits

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