Course Descriptions for the Marketing Department

HTMG4052 - Executive Development
Spring 2014

This course is a thorough study of the basic principles of leadership in management, with emphasis on creative thinking for decision making and problem solving within the Hospitality and Tourism industries. The functions of managers and principles of effective communication at all levels of management are carefully examined. Special attention is given to the need for constant self-development and improvement, using current industry problems.
Prerequisite: HTMG3002
3 Credits

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HTMG4052-A Executive Development
15 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: W
       Location: Moon Room: Hale Center 201
    Time: 03:45-04:35 pm Instructor: Karadag
    Session: 5 (03/09 - 05/02/15) Term: Spring 2015
            More Info!
      Prerequisite: HTMG3002
      This course will be conducted partly at RMU and partly during a travel abroad between May 10-24, 2015. The destination countries are Turkey and Northern Cyprus. This course covers the same material as in a regular class. First five sessions will be given at RMU during March and April. Rest of the sessions will be conducted during the trip. Lectures will be given every morning in any setting; classroom, meeting room, etc. The learning process will also include observation, experience, and interactions between students. Students participating in this travel are expected to engage actively in the learning process and to provide feedback on what they have expected to learn. The entire learning process will include the following assignments: observation, journals, final summative report, and final exam.
HTMG4052-A Executive Development
26 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: M W F
       Location: Moon Room:
    Time: 01:45-02:35 pm Instructor: Karadag
    Session: 1 (08/24 - 12/12/15) Term: Fall 2015
            More Info!
      Prerequisite: HTMG3002