Course Descriptions for the Computer & Information Systems Department

INFS6510 - Competitive Intelligence Syst
Summer 2014

This course provides the student with a broad overview of the Competitive Intelligence landscape, including the tools and techniques that are successfully utilized by 21st century organizations. Students learn about the history and evolution of Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Business Intelligence (BI), from standardized reporting to a flexible, integrated Information Ecosystem that provides modern decision makers with essential, accurate, and timely information. The emphasis of this course centers on the proper deployment and use of CI and BI techniques and technologies to best meet the information requirements of modern decision makers. An overview of current CI and BI tools is also provided, including Data Warehousing, Data Mining, OLAP, and Business Performance Management (BPM).
3 Credits

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INFS6510-A Introduction To Data Analytics
1 Seat!     Credits: 3 Days: ONLINE
       Location: Internet/Online Room:
    Time: - Instructor: Igoche
    Session: 1 (05/01 - 06/22/18) Term: Summer 2018
            More Info!
      Course is taught Fully Online.  
INFS6510-D Introduction To Data Analytics
0/1     Credits: 3 Days: W
       Location: Moon Room: Wheatley Center 119
    Time: 02:00-04:50 pm Instructor: Davis
    Session: 1 (08/25 - 12/15/18) Term: Fall 2018
            More Info!
INFS6510-A Introduction To Data Analytics
0/     Credits: 3 Days: T
       Location: Moon Room: Hale Center 306
    Time: 06:00-10:00 pm Instructor: Stewart
    Session: 3 (08/25 - 10/19/18) Term: Fall 2018
            More Info!
INFS6510-B Introduction To Data Analytics
0/2     Credits: 3 Days: R
       Location: Moon Room: Hale Center 306
    Time: 06:00-10:00 pm Instructor: Igoche
    Session: 5 (10/22 - 12/14/18) Term: Fall 2018
            More Info!