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HIST1800 - World Civilization Since 1500
Fall 2012

This course will survey the political, social, and cultural development of world civilizations from the age of European exploration and expansion through the end of the twentieth century. Topics will include the rise of science and industry, the global domination of Western Civilization, the legacies of imperialism, and the rise of the post-colonial world. Special attention will be given to the unique characteristics of individual regions and cultures, as well as to common characteristics found throughout the world's societies.
3 Credits

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Schedule Book for All Active and Available Future Terms, Course starting with HIST1800
HIST1800-A World Civilization II
3 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: M W F
       Location: Moon Room: Hale Center 209
    Time: 10:00-10:50 am Instructor: Fanning
    Session: 1 (01/09 - 04/29/17) Term: Spring 2017
            More Info!
HIST1800-A World Civilization II
Full     Credits: 3 Days: MTWR
       Location: Moon Room: Nicholson Center 415
    Time: 09:00-11:15 am Instructor: Fanning
    Session: 2 (05/08 - 06/08/17) Term: Summer 2017
            More Info!
HIST1800-B World Civilization II
1 Seat!     Credits: 3 Days: MTWR
       Location: Moon Room: Hale Center 303
    Time: 09:00-11:15 am Instructor: Barr
    Session: 2 (05/08 - 06/08/17) Term: Summer 2017
            More Info!