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Course Catalog

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

GEOL6100 - Adv Tpc/Ped Str: Earth/Space
Spring 2015

This course is recommended for certified teachers hoping to gain a deeper understanding of content and pedagogical techniques in the Earth/Space Sciences. The National Science Teachers Association Standards for Science Teacher Certification and the Pennsylvania State Standards in Science & Technology are a major focus. The topics in this course may include, but not be limited to: oceans and their relationship to changes in the atmosphere and climate hydrological cycles and problems of distribution of use of water structures and interactions of energy and matter in the universe structure of the solar system, including stars and planets properties, processes, and origins of the atmosphere impact of changes in the Earth on the evolution and distribution of living things issues related to the Earth's systems, such as global climate change fundamental concepts of the formation and identification of rocks and minerals impact of plate tectonics on the structure of the Earth Various laboratory techniques and instructional technologies will be employed throughout the course to foster discovery and to gain insights into these concepts.
Prerequisites Graduate Standing
3 Credits

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GEOL6100-A Adv Tpc/Ped Str: Earth/Space
39 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: W
       Location: Moon Room: John Jay 248
    Time: 06:00-10:00 pm Instructor: Lasota
    Session: 5 (03/09 - 05/02/15) Term: Spring 2015
            More Info!
      Prerequisites Graduate Standing

GEOL6200 - Fossils Fuels
Spring 2015

This is a graduate course that reviews the three major fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas. It includes an extensive review of the geologic processes responsible for the formation of coal, oil and natural gas and the national and global distribution of these fossil fuels. The combustion process as related to fossil fuels is discussed as are the techniques and technology utilized in the exploration, use, and enviornmental remediation of these fuels. The history of the industries devoted to the exploration, use and exploitation of these fuels is reviewed. The energy content and non-energy content of these fuels and their implications on the utilization of these fuels are covered as is the role the use of fossil fuels play in climate change. Non-conventional sources of fossil fuels such as oil sands, methane hydrates and shale gas are reviewed. In addition, other issues related to humankind's exploration, extraction and use of coal, oil and natural gas are reviewed. The course is a qualitative and quatitative treatment of these topics designed for practicing engineers, physical scientists and environmental consultants involved in the energy and environmental industries who desire a background in fossil fuel geology and technology, as well as graduate students in related fields.
3 Credits

Schedule Book for All Active and Available Future Terms, Course starting with GEOL6200

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