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RMU Research #: 26124
Title: VLabNet: The Integrated Design of Hands-on Learning in Information Security and Networking
Author/PI: Valerie J Powell;   Randall S Johnson;   Turchek, John C (and, see below, also from RMU)
Date(s): 09/28/2007 - 09/28/2007
Category: Computer Information Systems
Type: Conference Paper
Description: This paper reports on the experience of designing a single integrated environment for teaching both information security and computer using virtualization technology. The paper reviews information available on information security and networking laboratory environments elsewhere. This paper proposes that virtualization offers three significant instructional advantages in delivering a rich learning experience: (1) server independence giving each student control of an local configuration, (2) a unique IP address on the ?virtual? network for each server so that students are able to work in teams, including in distance learning situations, and (3) demonstration of centralized logging as typically deployed in production networks by configuring each virtual machine to send log messages to the instructor?s virtual machine
Related Site: http://infosec.kennesaw.edu/InfoSecCD/index.shtml
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