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The following are answers to some questions asked most often regarding the cheerleading program at Robert Morris University. If you have any further questions regarding the program, please contact the Head Cheerleading Coach.

When are tryouts? Tryouts are held in April of each year. During the first week of the fall semester, there is a a tryout for individuals interested in walking on to the program. For those interested in walking on, the program is looking for specific individuals to fit any areas needed on the team. Any individual interested in the tryout process must contact the Head Cheerleading Coach prior to the tryout process.

Are freshman eligible for tryouts? Any freshman is eligible for tryouts but must be accepted to the University prior to the date of the first practice. Proof of acceptance must be provided prior to the first practice and all interested students must be registered as a full time.

I am unable to make tryouts in the spring, can I submit a video for consideration? You may submit a video tape demonstrating your skills. Please contact the Head Cheerleading Coach for requirements.

Are there any physical limitations/requirements for females on the team? There are no height or weight requirements. Those who demonstrate a high level of skill and ability are selected for the team.

Do you offer cheerleading scholarships? Many current members of the team have received academic scholarships afforded by the University, but no athletic aid is awarded. Please speak with your enrollment manager in regard to academic scholarship opportunities with the University.

How often do you practice? On the average the team practices two to three times a week during non-competition season and three to four times a week during competition season.

Will I be able to work and cheer while at RMU? The schedule for the semester is typically received at the beginning with little variations that may occur. There are current members who do work, both on and off campus. Practice times do stay constant to assist in the scheduling process. Practice schedules are designed around the availability of the facility and class schedules.

Can I just cheer for football only? Once selected it is expected that you will cheer for both the football and basketball seasons. You are required to sign a one-year contract and if broken, you are responsible for all money, which will be billed to your school account.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Head Cheerleading Coach.