Pittsburgh Promise

The Pittsburgh Promise at Robert Morris University

RMU is a proud member of the Pittsburgh Promise Preferred College Partners Program. We provide full-time students receiving the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship with an additional award of $5,000 per year, called the RMU Pittsburgh Public Schools Scholarship. Like the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship, RMU’s additional award is renewable for four years.

Since the Pittsburgh Promise began, 137 Promise Scholars have graduated from RMU. Today their employers include PNC, the Pittsburgh Pirates, BNY Mellon, Mylan, and WPXI-TV. 

Students receive an excellent private university education at RMU, which is ranked among the top national universities by U.S. News and World Report. Ninety-five percent of RMU students are employed or enrolled in graduate school within one year of graduation. A Gallup survey has found that RMU alumni are more likely than college graduates nationwide to be employed full time, to be engaged in their work, and to enjoy personal well-being. 

All Promise Scholars at RMU are assigned a dedicated success coach in the Center for Student Success and Personal Development. The Center for Student Success and Personal Development provides academic support, career coaching, one-on-one personal guidance, and undergraduate leadership opportunities to help students be engaged in campus life, succeed in their studies, and graduate on time.

The Pittsburgh Promise scholarship goes far at RMU, whose tuition is 10 percent less than the average among private universities in Pennsylvania. Promise students may also be eligible for additional scholarship programs at RMU including Public Price Match Plus, which guarantees qualified students pay less to attend Robert Morris than the main campus of Pitt, Penn State, Kent State, or WVU. Like all RMU students, Pittsburgh Promise scholars may also qualify for state and federal financial aid. What's more, the RMU Pittsburgh Public Schools Scholarship can be applied toward a fifth year for eligible students enrolled in one of RMU's integrated 4 + 1 degree programs, in which students earn a bachelor's and master's degree in only five years. 

Additional RMU freshman scholarships include:

  • Presidential Scholarship - Top applicants are invited to compete for this full-tuition, four-year scholarship.
  • Liberty Scholarship - $16,000
  • Independence Scholarship - $13,000
  • Justice Scholarship - $11,000
  • Founders Scholarship - $8,000

For more information about the Pittsburgh Promise at RMU, contact Carly Phillips at phillipsc@rmu.edu or 412-397-5931.

What is the Pittsburgh Promise?

The Pittsburgh Promise is a scholarship program for graduates of the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Eligible students receive up to $5,000 each year for postsecondary education. Scholarship funds can be applied to tuition, fees, room, board, and books. For more information, visit the Pittsburgh Promise web site

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