Financial Aid Application Process

Applying for Financial Aid is not as complex as you might think!  In hopes of giving you a good understanding of how the application process works and what to expect from RMU, we’ve outlined the most important steps and need to know information below.   When it comes to cost and the financial aid process, RMU takes pride in transparency and our ability to assist families navigate all aspects of the process.  We welcome as many questions as you may have along the way. 

File a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) 

Without the FAFSA, we cannot review students for all potential aid sources.  This not only includes federal and state aid, but also additional RMU funding. Each year, we have students and families pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the FAFSA and resulting financial aid eligibility. Please do not miss this very important step! 

  • Visit STUDENTAID.GOV/FAFSA to complete the FAFSA application process.
  • An FSA ID will be needed for both student and parent (if dependent) to electronically sign the FAFSA.  This step can be initiated on STUDENTAID.GOV/FSA-ID; and is usually helpful to complete prior to starting the application.  

Important Things to Note: 

  • To make the process as quick and easy as possible, most FAFSA filers will be able to link directly to the IRS to pull tax return information onto the FAFSA by using a step called the ‘IRS Data Retrieval Tool’. We strongly encourage use of this tool. 
  • You can list up to 10 schools on the FAFSA application. RMU’s school code is 003359. 
  • Pennsylvania residents should file prior to May 1. FAFSAs filed after that date will not be eligible for state grant consideration.  
  • A new FAFSA will be needed for each new academic year. 

After the FAFSA is Filed 

After the FAFSA is filed, you’ll receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) directly from the US Department of Education. Please review for accuracy.  Corrections can be made by re-visiting STUDENTAID.GOV/FAFSA. RMU will receive the record within about a week after submission, and will usually start the financial aid packaging process for accepted students shortly thereafter.   

  • Financial aid packages are mailed home, plus made available for viewing through the student’s online portal, Banner Self Service. We also produce a financial aid video for incoming fall semester undergraduate students. Videos are texted directly to the student.  *Graduate, doctorate, and fully online students receive an email notice only. 
  • Federal student loans are part of most financial aid award packages.  For students who plan to borrow, a Master Promissory Note and an Entrance Counseling Session will be needed for first time student loan borrowers. Both steps can be completed at STUDENTAID.GOV
  • A portion of FAFSA filers are selected by the US Department of Education for an accuracy review process called Verification. In these cases, additional documentation will be requested from the Financial Aid Office. Financial aid packages are marked ‘pending verification’ until complete.  

Note for Transfer Students 

If you are transferring to RMU from another institution, please be sure to add RMU’s school code to the FAFSA if it was not included when you initially submitted the application.  

Pennsylvania residents should also review their state grant record at Oftentimes, a school change request is necessary.

Banner Self Service – Student Financial Aid

All financial aid requirements, eligibility, and aid revisions can be viewed online via the student’s online portal, Banner Self Service.  You’ll find a link to ‘Student Financial Aid’ on the left menu bar.  

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