Math Placement Exam

Students are required to complete a minimum of one mathematics course for completion of their undergraduate degree. Students are automatically placed into a math class using the chart below based upon the results of their score on the math portion of the SAT/ACT:

SAT   ACT Eligible Courses 
 <510  <20 MATH0900-Intro to College Mathematics
 510-580  20-24 MATH1010-College Mathematics or
MATH1050-Math Reasoning/Appl
 590-640  25-27 MATH1020-Pre-calculus
MATH2010-Fundamentals of Math
MATH2040-Finite Math/Applied Calc
 650-800  28-36 MATH2070-Calc w/ Analytic Geom

Students may elect to complete an optional online placement exam if they wish to be re-evaluated for the level of  mathematics course received on their course schedule. Students who are placed in the Math 0900 course are strongly encouraged to complete the online math placement test. For your convenience, the exam may be taken at any time from your home or on any computer that has Internet access. The exam is approximately 30 minutes.

Directions for the Online Mathematics Placement Exam

The link to the placement exam may be found at the bottom of this page. Before taking the placement exam be sure to carefully read the following instructions.

  • Be sure to schedule at least 45 minutes of uninterrupted time for registration and completing the exam.
  • You must have your 6-digit RMU Student ID number in order to register.
  • Have a pencil and scratch paper at hand, as well as a calculator.
  • The math placement exam may be taken only once, so be sure you are prepared, have sufficient time without distractions, and have a secure internet connection.
  • The exam should be taken on a regular (laptop or full-size) computer screen, not a cell phone or iPad.
  • The test is limited to 30 minutes. Once you have completed the exam, you must press the "Grade" button to submit your results. Do not use the "Quit and Save" button, which leaves the 30-minute clock running but does not submit your work for evaluation.
  • Navigational buttons are provided at the top of the site that allow you to move forward and backward through the series of questions. A drop-down list is also available allowing you to go directly to any particular question. These features allow you to revisit and revise your work on earlier problems within the 30-minute time period. Once the "Grade" button is pressed, your answers are submitted for evaluation and may not be changed.
  • There are two different placement tests. Choose the appropriate placement test based on your major.
    • Calculus placement test: Mathematics, Elementary Education - Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Engineering, Biology, Pre-Medicine
    • Algebra placement test: All other majors

Instructions for Logging into the Testing Site and Taking the Test

Register for the site by clicking on the link "create an account" and entire your name and student ID number. At this time, you will be able to choose your own username and password. When you are ready, click on this link to navigate to the online math placement exam website:

Note: Once you access the site, use only the navigational buttons within the site. Do not use your web browser's "back" button. Doing so will cause the site to lock and your results will not be saved.