The School of Business: Mission and Vision Statements

Robert Morris University, a private institution located in the greater Pittsburgh area, has evolved from a reputable school of accountancy and later a nationally recognized specialty business college, to the comprehensive university that it is today. The RMU School of Business provides quality education to students from a wide variety of backgrounds. True to our heritage of applied instruction, we prepare students for professional careers in business using a practice-oriented approach and experiential learning strategies. The small size of our typical class allows greater opportunity for student-teacher interaction.

Building upon the faculty's academic and practitioner experiences and passion for teaching, the undergraduate and graduate programs emphasize competencies in communication, information technology, and the application of theory to practice. Our programs raise students' awareness of ethical and social issues as well as issues associated with globalization. The School of Business augments its educational function with faculty involvement in community and professional service activities.

Since teaching is primary to the School of Business mission, faculty intellectual contributions and scholarly activities are focused on applied research and instructional development that complement our educational programs. In designing our curricula, we actively seek and attempt to utilize input from our students, alumni, faculty and staff, advisory boards and the local community.


The RMU School of Business is committed to:

  • Integrating communication skills with discipline-specific knowledge.
  • Meeting the career education needs of a diverse student population-traditional undergraduate, first-generation college students, international students, and working adults.
  • Using authentic and experiential learning strategies´┐Żinternships, simulations, case studies, business and strategic plans.
  • Incorporating the use of information technology in our classes.
  • Integrating social, ethical and globalization issues throughout the curriculum.


The RMU School of Business will be recognized as the school of choice in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio for individuals seeking a quality, career-oriented business education and life-long learning opportunities.