School of Business

All School of Business students are required to combine professional business courses with liberal studies courses in communications, humanities, math and sciences. This is accomplished through the Robert Morris Core which introduces the liberal arts and provides a solid foundation for studies in the business disciplines and techniques. The liberal arts foundation helps students compete in the continuously changing business environment. The liberal arts broaden the student's understanding of the complexities of the global marketplace and promote the thinking skills necessary to chart the evolving technological marketplace. These thinking skills are rooted in history, psychology, economics, and other liberal arts courses.

The goal of the School of Business is to develop students with an advantage in the marketplace. To accomplish this goal men and women must have understanding of human behavior through a broad range of studies as well as specific business knowledge. Students must also be able to express ideas convincingly and clearly in writing and speech through face to face contact and electronic media. Additionally, students must be able to work in - and lead - teams, have an ability to conduct business functions in a multi cultural global environment, and demonstrate a commitment to ethical integrity.

The Curriculum of the School of Business
The curriculum at the Business School at Robert Morris University is designed to prepare students to establish a career or advance in their current profession. The curriculum balances specific business concentrations on top of a general business core with both supported by the traditional liberal arts. Because preparing for the future requires direct exposure to the day-to-day inner workings of the professional world, faculty are encouraged to bring their extensive practical experience into the classroom.

Internship Programs
The purpose of the Internship Program is to help students analyze and develop real-time solutions to actual management problems. The program opens the world of opportunity to the School of Business student. Specifically, it provides members of the School of Business community with opportunities for personal and professional growth through on-site practical experiences. These experiences promote the ability to be aware of, pro-active in, and engaged with domestic and international cultures and organizations. The skills acquired by the student in this program foster the ability to respond intelligently and humanely to marketplace demands, by accurately and quickly analyzing organizational and personal behaviors, by developing awareness and assessment skills that identify cultural, social and ethical issues, and by making a personal commitment to their own value structures within organizational and societal contexts. For junior and senior level students, the internship opportunity extends to overseas study programs.

Each Department within the School has internships available to enhance and develop the student's skill set. Students are encouraged to pursue the internship opportunity thereby establishing a record of external performance that may lead to career possibilities.

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