MBAP5042-A Quant Skills Calc Based Inter    (Spring 2013)

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Section will be taught totally online with no scheduled class meetings. Students must arrange for daily access to a computer and the Internet prior to the start of classes. Robert Morris labs are to be used only as a backup in special situations and may not be relied upon for extended periods of time. In addition to the Internet link, online classes have a large emphasis on email. All messages from the instructor and other information regarding online classes, including user ids, passwords, and login instructions will be sent to your Robert Morris University email account.
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Session, Dates: 2 (01/12/2013 - 03/08/2013)


Time: -

Location: Internet/Online


Seats Available: 17 Seats

Credits: 2

The following additional fees apply to this section:   Fully Online Fee : $100.00

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The pre-MBA quantitative skills course examines essential topics of algebra and differential calculus that are applied to quantitative coursework in an MBA program. Among the algebraic topics covered are equalities and inequalities, absolute values, functions and graphs, linear, nonlinear, and multivariate functions. The course also examines systems of equations and breakeven analysis, laws of exponents, quadratic equations, natural logarithms, and exponential functions. The calculus topics covered are limited to differential topics. Students develop the ability to differentiate functions using the power, product, quotient, and chain rules. The differential calculus is applied to determine optimal solutions to case problems. Students in this course use CD-ROMs to investigate many of these topics. Students who benefit most from this course are those who have been away from quantitative courses for a period of time and whose calculus and algebraic skills need to be refreshed. Students with very weak backgrounds are likely to be better served by enrolling in selected undergraduate courses.

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