Daniel R. Rota, Ph.D.
Director of Veterans Education and Training Services (Veterans Education & Training Center)
412-397-5424 phone (M)
412-397-4848 fax
Jefferson Center LL

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts, History-Econ- Pol Sci, University of Pittsburgh, 1973
  • Ph.D., Ed Technology, University of Pittsburgh, 1981
  • Master of Education, Adult Education, University of Pittsburgh, 1976

Professional Background

  • Professor Emeritus Computer Information Systems
  • Retired Brig General Pennsylvania Air National Guard

Area of Expertise/Research

  • Cyberstalking Computer Information Systems/Project Management Leadership & Organizational Change Strategic Probleme Solving


  • Paullet, K., Rota, D., and Swann, T. (2012).  Women and Crime: A Text Reader. Cyberstalking: An Exploratory Study of Students at a Mid-Atlantic University.  Sage Publications Inc. ISBN:9781412987509

    Paullet, K., Pinchot, J., Douglas, D., and Rota, D. (2011). Mobile Technology: Plugged In and Always On.  Issues in Information Systems, Vol XII, No. 1. pp.141-150,2011.

    Pinchot, J, Paullet, K, and Rota, D. (2011). How Mobile Technology is changing Our Culture.  Journal of Information Systems Applied Research, Vol. 4, No. 1 pp. 39-47, April 2011.

Schedule of Courses
Schedule Book for All Active and Available Future Terms, Daniel

Spring 2016
  • INFS4810-C2
  • 06:00-08:50 PMMMRota1 (01/11-04/30/16)0 Seats
  • INFS7520-A
  • 06:00-10:00 PM RMRota5 (03/07-04/30/16)0 Seats

    Spring 2016: Doctora
  • DISC9510-K
  • -APPTMRota1 (01/04-04/30/16)1 Seats
  • DISC9530-K
  • -APPTMRota3 (01/04-04/30/16)0 Seats

    Fall 2016: Doctorate
  • DISC9520-K
  • -APPTMRota1 (08/22-12/17/16)1 Seats