Educational Background

  • Master of Business Administration, Financial management, University of Pittsburgh, 1975
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, 1972

Professional Background

  • Michael Yahr is a Professor of Management in his 25th year in the Robert Morris University School of Business. His prior experience includes 10 years as a full-time instructor in the Pennsylvania State University system and as a principal in a small business where he acted as salesperson, accounts receivable manager, production supervisor and general manger. Professor Yahr primarily teaches the Management Simulation and International Business courses and writes about ethical and corporate governance issues. He also is a certified facilitator for the FastTrac entrepreneurship program.. He serves on numerous University and School of Business committees. Professor Yahr sponsors the Sigma Beta Delta International Honorary Society chapter for outstanding business students at RMU.


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  • 2014 - "Digital Boards and the Banking Industry" anticipated March 28 in the BSG section at the Midwest Business Administration Conference.
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