Michael W. Young
Part-Time Faculty (English Department)
Wheatley Center 142

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts, English, Duquesne University , 1980
  • Ph.D., Writing and Literature, University of Cincinnati, 1989
  • Master of Arts, Writing and Literature, Kansas State University, 1983

Professional Background

  • Formerly taught at institutions such as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Cincinnati, and Kansas State University.
  • Won teaching awards at the University of Cincinnati and University of Nebraska-Lincoln, along with twice being listed in _Who's Who Among America's Teachers_.
  • An award-winning author of short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, along with dozens of scholarly (including peer reviewed) articles and essays. Invited to present at over 90 scholarly conferences throughout North America.
  • Was the Director of Academic Assessment at La Roche College.
  • Did the Editorial work on _Everybody's Shakespeare: Reflections Chiefly on the Tragedies_ by distinguished Yale professor, Maynard Mack; 1993.
  • Awarded a Faculty Enrichment Grant by the Government of Canada. The fellowship supported study of Canadian Literature and History at University of New Brunswick, York University, University of Ottawa, and Concordia University.
  • Awarded two grants by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Teaching Council to do pedagogical research studies.


  • "Swinging for the Fences: Baseball as a Broken Window into the Soul", Approaches to Teaching August Wilson, Modern Language Association, publication expected in 2014 or 2015.

    "Teaching Autobiographies from Early American and Canadian Literature", Teaching Life Writing Texts, Modern Language Association, 2008.

    "Teaching Text and Performance Through Sounscripting", MLA Approaches to Teaching Hamlet, Modern Language Association, 2002.
  • "Flying the Secret Sky", Film and History, March 2011
  • "Canadian Literature of the Sea", Encyclopedia of Maritime History, Oxford Universty Press, 2007.
  • "E. L. Doctorow", "F. Scott Fitzgerald", "Diane Glancy", "Samuel Hazo", "Yong Ik Kim", Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Literature, Greenwood Press, 2005.
  • "Brett's Discreet Horns:  Hemingway's Twisting Narrative in The Sun Also Rises", The Bulletin, Vol. 17, Fall 1995.


  • 2014 - Conference on College Composition and Communication, "The Center Can Hold: Assessment Through Communication for the Writing Class, the Department, and the Institution".
  • 2009 - Conference on College Composition and Communication, "E, I, A, O/E, and U: Spelling Out and Assessing Information Literacy Within Our Discourse Communities."
  • 2007 - Midwest Modern Language Association Conference, "Assessing Literacy of the Word and the Idea: Writing and Information Across the Curriculum."
  • 1999 - National Council of Teachers of English Conference, "Re-Imagining Our Composition Curriculum."
  • 1996 - Conference on College Composition and Communication, "Sound and Fury Signifying Narrative: Writers and Readers in a Creative Writing Classroom".
  • 1993 - Conference on College Composition and Communication, "The Intention of Writers and the Intonation of the Audience: Critical Speaking, Listening, and Composing in Creative Writing Classrooms."
  • 1992 - Conference on College Composition and Communication, "The Classroom Trial of Tess of the D'Urbervilles: A Way to See, Speak, Hear, and Live a Persuasive Essay Assignment".

Schedule of Courses
Schedule Book for All Active and Available Future Terms, Michael

Summer 2016
  • LITO1060-L1
  • -ONLINEFYoung7 (06/26-08/18/16)2 Seats