Sushil K. Acharya, Dr. Eng.
Professor of Software Engineering (Engineering)
Associate Provost, Research, Graduate Study, and International Programs (Research and Grant Administration)
412-397-4023 phone (M)
412-397-2593 fax
Patrick Henry 217

Educational Background

  • Doctor of Engineering, Computer Science and Information Management , Asian Institute of Technology, 1997

Professional Background

  • Sr. Operations Analyst , US AIRWAYS, OPERATIONS CONTROL CENTER, Pittsburgh, PA,
  • Practitioner Faculty, UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX, Dallas (Texas) and Pittsburgh (PA)
  • Subject Matter Expert VCLEARN INC., Brussels, Belgium
  • Resource Manager/ SCM Team Lead - Education Services , i2 TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. Irving, Texas
  • Sr. Solution Architect- Product Management, i2 TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. Irving, Texas
  • Consultant/Sr. Consultant/Team lead, i2 TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. Irving, Texas
  • Project Systems Manager , THE CENTER FOR ENERGY-ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (CEERD), Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand


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