Yanbin Tu, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing (Marketing)
412-397-6373 phone (M)
412-397-2172 fax
Massey Hall 227


  • Recent Journal Publications

  • Tu, Y., Shock, J. & Shangguan, Z. (2019). Online Auction Market of Preannounced Product - A Study of New XBOX 360 Console. Forthcoming in International Journal of Online Marketing

  • Tu, Y., & Chen, L. (2019). Enhancing Online Auction Transaction Likelihood - A Comprehensive Data Mining Approach.  Forthcoming in International Journal of E-Business Research

  • Tu, Y., Tung, Y. A., & Goes, P.  (2019). Effective Selling Strategies for Online Auction at eBay: A Comprehensive Approach with CART Model. Accepted for publication in International Journal of Business Information Systems.

  • Zhang, J., & Tu, Y. (2018). A Study of Tourism Market for Chinese Citizens Traveling to USA. International Journal of Leisure and Tourism Marketing. 6(1), pp23-68

  • Tu, Y., Tung, Y. A., & Goes, P.  (2017). Online Auction Segmentation and Effective Selling Strategy: Trust and Information Asymmetry Perspectives. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 18(3), 189-211

  • Chen, L., Lu, M., & Tu, Y. (2017). After Auction's Complete, What Will Buyers Do Next? - A Case Study of Feedback Rating at eBay. International Journal of E-Business Research, 13(3), 39-56

  • Emekter, R., Tu, Y., Jirasakuldech, B., & Lu, M. (2015).  Evaluating Credit Risk and Loan Performance in Online Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Lending. Applied Economics, 47(1), 54-70

  • Tu, Y., Lu, M., Holstein, A., & Schimmel, K. (2014). Dynamic Transaction Environment and Market Efficiency of Electronic Marketplaces.  International Journal of Electronic Business, 11(2), 101 - 118

  • Tu, Y., Tung, Y. A., & Goes, P.  (2013). Seller Heterogeneity in Electronic Marketplaces: A Study of New and Experienced Sellers in eBay. Decision Support Systems, 56, 247–258

  • Recent Refereed Book Chapters

  • Tu, Y., & Shangguan, Z. (2018). Cross-Border E-Commerce: A New Driver of Global Trade.  In the book of "Emerging Issues in Global Marketing: A Shifting Paradigm" (Edited by James Agarwal & Terry Wu), pp. 93-117

  • Liang, B., Tu, Y., Cline, T., & Ma, Z. (2016). China’s E-tailing Blossom: A Case Study, in E-Retailing Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Marketplace (Edited by Shailja Dixit & Amit Kumar Sinha), pp.72-98

  • Tu, Y., Zhao, M., & Jones, C. (2014). Insights into Social Media and Online Digital Music. in Harnessing the Power of Social Media and Web Analytics: Techniques, Tools, and Applications (edited by Dr. Anteneh Ayanso & Dr. Kevin Lertwachara), pp.181-208