Riza Emekter, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance (Finance)
Department Head, Finance (Finance)
412-397-5458 phone (M)
412-397-2172 fax
Massey Hall 205

Educational Background

  • Master of Science, Finance, Texas Tech University, 1995
  • Ph.D., Finance, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2004

Area of Expertise/Research

  • Investment: Asset allocation and derivatives


  • Emekter, R. & Jirasakuldech, B. & Went, P. (2012). Rational Speculative Bubbles and Comodities Markets.  Applied Financial Economics, 22, 581-596.
  • Jirasakuldech, B. & Emekter, R. (2012). Non-linear Dynamics and Chaos Behaviours in the Reit Industry: A pre- and post-1993 Comparisons.  Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, 18(1), 57-77.
  • Emekter, Riza, Jirasakuldech, Benjamas, and Sean Snaith. Non-Linear Dynamics in Foreign Exchange Excess Returns. Journal of Multinational Financial Management, 2009, 19, 179-192
  • Emekter, Riza, John Geppert, and Benjamas Jirasakuldech, ?The Effect of Government Debt Quantity Shocks on the Term Structure of Interest? Journal of Business and Economics Research, 2007, 5(1), 67-88.
  • Jirasakuldech, Benjamas, Sean Snaith, and Riza Emekter, ?Panel Cointegration Approach to the Relation between Spot and Future Commodity Prices?, Review of Futures Market, 2008, 17(3), 247-274
  • Jirasakuldech, Benjamas, Robert Campbell, and Riza Emekter ?Conditional Volatility of Equity Real Estate Investment Trust Returns: A Pre-and Post-1993 Comparison?, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 38 (2), 2009

Schedule of Courses
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Fall 2015
  • FINA3150-A
  • 03:15-04:30 PM T RMEmekter1 (08/24-12/12/15)0 Seats
  • FINA3150-B
  • -APPTMEmekter1 (08/24-12/12/15)0 Seats
  • FINA4260-A
  • 12:15-01:30 PM T RMEmekter1 (08/24-12/12/15)0 Seats