Lynn Alleen Smith, Ph.D.
Lecturer of Communication Skills (English Department)
412-397-6337 phone (M)
412-397-6468 fax
Wheatley Center 206

Educational Background

  • Doctor of Science, PhD Instruction & Learning, University of Pittsburgh, 1991
  • Second Concentration, MAPW, Master of Professional & Technical Writing, Carnegie Mellon University, 2001
  • Master of Science, MS, Child Care & Child Development, University of Pittsburgh, 1983
  • Second Concentration, Reading Specialist, University of Pittsburgh, 2004
  • Bachelor of Arts, B. A., Philosophy & Psychology, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN, 1967

Professional Background

  • 2012-To Date: Lead Teacher for Communications Skills pre-requisite and first-level courses. Mentor to incoming teachers of these courses.
  • 2010-To Date: Lecturer, Full-time, English Department, School of Communication & Information Science, Robert Morris University
  • 2009-2010: Adjunct Instructor, Communication Skills, English Department, School of Communications & Information Science, Robert Morris University
  • 2005-2009: Reading Specialist, Teaching Remedial Reading & Mathematics, K-8, Allegheny Intermediate Unit 1997-2005: Reading specialist and middle school science teacher at several different elementary and middle schools, part-time.

Area of Expertise/Research

  • Communication Skills: Continuously creating streamlined, multipurpose lessons for developmental-level students, both domestic and international, in the areas of basic grammar and higher order writing techniques.
  • Reading Comprehension Skills: Dissertation, research, and have created many unique, non-traditional lessons for students kindergarten through college level.


  • (May 2006) "Think-Aloud Mysteries," article in The Reading Teacher, a Journal of the International Reading Association.


  • 2013 - Presentation to Communications Skills Program Faculty at FEIC March Meeting - How to teach students the easy TREC (Thesis, Reasons, Examples, Conclusion) outline to use for papers and speeches.
  • 2011 - Workshop series on Reading Comprehension to Robert Morris Faculty of Communications Skills, Department of English

Schedule of Courses
Schedule Book for All Active and Available Future Terms, Lynn Alleen

Fall 2016
  • COSK0990-D
  • 11:00-12:15 PM T RMSmith1 (08/29-12/17/16)2 Seats
  • COSK0990-B
  • 09:30-10:45 AM T RMSmith1 (08/29-12/17/16)0 Seats
  • COSK1220-E
  • 10:00-10:50 AMM W FMSmith1 (08/29-12/17/16)0 Seats
  • COSK1220-F
  • 11:00-11:50 AMM W FMSmith1 (08/29-12/17/16)3 Seats
  • COSK1220-B
  • 09:00-09:50 AMM W FMSmith1 (08/29-12/17/16)3 Seats

    Spring 2017
  • COSK1220-D
  • 11:00-11:50 AMM W FMSmith1 (01/09-04/29/17)0 Seats
  • COSK1220-B
  • 10:00-10:50 AMM W FMSmith1 (01/09-04/29/17)1 Seats
  • COSK1220-A
  • 09:00-09:50 AMM W FMSmith1 (01/09-04/29/17)8 Seats
  • ELIT1040-H
  • 03:30-04:45 PM T RMSmith1 (01/09-04/29/17)1 Seats