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DISC9510 - Field Project I-Research
Fall 2017 Doctoral

Field Project I is the capstone seminar of the process of inquiry and investigation, as well as the first step toward the development of a field-based inquiry. The course synthesizes the modes in inquiry and investigation, and ways of constituting evidence discussed in previous seminars. Synthesis occurs in the process of writing and presenting a formal proposal for a field project, as well as in the discussion of each other's proposals in the seminar. The course focuses on the delineation of a field problem and the plan for conducting substantive research leading to the resolution of or recommendations on the problem. After examining the theoretical bases of problem-solving methodology from the perspectives of rhtetoric and information science, the student will write a formal state-of-the-art proposal that defines a problem and its context, evaluates the current status of the problem, surveys relevant research related to the problem, and evaluates that research. The seminar requires students to demonstrate an ability to present a plan for finding, evaluating, organizing and presenting data and information on a focused area of investigation. Field Project I also includes the assembly of a portfolio of doctoral candidacy status. 3 Credits
3 Credits

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DISC9510-A Field Project I-Research
APPT     Credits: 3 Days: APPT
       Location: Moon Room:
    Time: - Instructor: Wood
    Session: 1 (01/07 - 05/03/19) Term: Spring 2019 Doctoral
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