Executive Service Corps

What is ESC?

The Executive Service Corps uses the skills of experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated volunteer professionals to help nonprofits design targeted solutions to their challenges and opportunities, including BoardsWork! facilitation and SkillShare project management.

Who volunteers?

All of our volunteers are committed to nonprofit success and value the challenging, indispensable work of the sector. Whether currently working or retired, all volunteers are experienced and are trained to work alongside nonprofits of any size. They have held such positions as:

  • CEO, FISA Foundation
  • Director of Human Resources, Westinghouse
  • Vice President of Corporate Planning, ALCOA
  • CFO of Community College of Allegheny County
  • Manager of Information Technology, PPG Industries
  • President, SYSCO Foods International, Pittsburgh


ESC has helped local nonprofits:

  • Implement a performance-pay structure
  • Streamline their fiscal operations for more effective financial management
  • Receive $6 million in state funding through a business plan
  • Develop a county-wide marketing plan
  • Train over 40 supervisors to be more effective leaders
  • Help a successful community program with a new strategic plan

…as well as assisting groups considering forming a nonprofit.

Reach out to explore the best option for you. Email ccce@rmu.edu or call 412-397-6366.

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