Education Workshop 3: Facilitating a Synchronous Learning Session

9:00 to 11:00 AM

This session will provide opportunities and strategies for teachers to consider as they deliver instruction using online synchronous classroom meetings. Discussions will explore various options and  best practices, as well as how to control the technology, effectively manage and engage students in the virtual classroom, and create an overall successful synchronous learning experience for all students.


  • Discuss the advantages and limitations of the virtual classroom
  • Explore available resources for, and evaluate available features of, the video conferencing software used 
  • Instruct students how to access, use features, and effectively interact with others in the virtual classroom
  • Determine the most appropriate instructional strategies for effectively delivering instruction virtually, given such factors as subject, lesson objectives, grade level, and student characteristics
  • Integrate strategies for effectively managing and actively engaging students during a synchronous class meeting


  • The single workshop price is $95.
  • The series of 10 workshops price is $750.
  • As of July 8, 2020, please contact Patrick Litzinger or Tina Gitelman directly at or 412-397-6383 to register for any individual workshop in the series.

Instructor: Dr. John Zeanchock

Dr. John Zeanchock is an Associate Professor of Education and of Computer and Information Systems, and continues to serve at Robert Morris University (RMU) since 1989.  Dr. Zeanchock holds a doctoral degree in Education, Instructional Design and Technology, from the University of Pittsburgh, and a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in Counselor Education and Secondary Mathematics Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Prior to his position at RMU, he worked as a high school mathematics teacher, computer programmer, project manager, corporate trainer, and IT department manager.  Dr. Zeanchock’s primary instructional and research interests include curriculum and instructional design, educational technology, computer programming, and project management.  He currently serves as an Operations Board and Advisory Board member for the RMU Center for Innovative Teaching (CIT) and provides various forms of faculty development seminars.