Education Workshop 8: Using Blog, Wikis, Journals and Other Interactive Tools

9:00 to 11:00 AM

This session will introduce opportunities for formative assessment that exist in most online LMS platforms. The discussion will focus on how teachers can use these tools to monitor student progress, help students meet objectives, and generate interaction.


  • Describe formative assessment strategies;
  • Develop formative assessments using technology such as journals, blogs, and wikis.
  • Participants will identify and apply synchronous, asynchronous and face-to-face assessment designs to ensure successful formative and summative evaluation of student learning.


  • The single workshop price is $95.
  • The series of 10 workshops price is $750.
  • As of July 8, 2020, please contact Patrick Litzinger or Tina Gitelman directly at or 412-397-6383 to register for any individual workshop in the series.

Instructor: Dr. Mary Hansen

Dr. Mary Hansen is a university professor in the Education department at Robert Morris University.  Her research interests lie in the areas of educational measurement and assessment.  She is interested in design and technical issues related to large-scale test development, as well as classroom assessment practices, including the use and impact of formative assessment practices on student learning, and the impact of instruction as measured through outcomes assessment instruments. For over 10 years, she has worked with alternate assessments administered to students with severe intellectual disabilities.  Dr. Hansen specializes in quantitative research design and statistical analysis of data, and she regularly serves as a program evaluator for grant-based projects.  She has conducted research related to the use of assistive technologies for students with disabilities, and research related to establishing the validity argument for a statewide alternate assessment through a wide range of evaluation and research studies.