Environmental Services

Environmental Services provides a healthy and clean environment for students, faculty, and staff.  The primary focus of this team is the cleanliness of building interiors.  This responsibility extends to all university locations and departments.  We take pride in maintaining standards of cleanliness that not only meet our internal expectations but for outside guests and potential students as well.

Key Functions:

  • Clean buildings and floor care
  • Clean areas that have multiple transitions during a given period 
  • Report maintenance issues or safety concerns
  • Remove snow during winter months
  • Assist with student move-in: room condition reports, early arrivals, address parent/student concerns
  • Perform student move-out room inspections, billable damage assessments, and manage parent/student concerns

Did you know?

  • We service 1.4 million square feet, equivalent to 25 White Houses
  • Trash removal averages 600 bags per day
  • 23 Academic/Office buildings
  • 14 Residence halls
  • Over 800 restrooms
  • 3 Multi-purpose facilities
  • 87 Classrooms
Any of the above services can be requested by contacting Colonial Central at 412-397-4343