Maintenance & Operations

We have multiple in-house skilled trade personnel maintaining all RMU facilities that include; electricians, plumbers, painters, HVAC technicians, and carpenters.      

Maintenance is responsible for providing a physical environment that is safe and reliable for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  This is accomplished through the execution of a comprehensive and continuous maintenance program designed to maximize the performance of our facilities, minimize and prevent failures or downtime and extend the useful life of our physical assets.

Key Functions: (Moon, ISC and Yorktown)

  • Provide service and repair to all building systems and equipment
  • Routine Maintenance 
  • Preventive Maintenance 
  • Service Calls 
  • Building Equipment and Systems Renewal 
  • Emergency Conditions 
  • Site Utilities
  • Building Assessments

Maintenance by the #'s

  • There are 900 heating/AC units in Residence Halls alone
  • 1,000 emergency lights/signs checked monthly
  • 1.4 million sq. ft. of facilities consisting of countless systems


Any of the above services can be requested by contacting Colonial Central at 412-397-4343