Actuarial Science - Assessment Results

Working actuaries advance their careers by achieving “Associate” status in their field.  They must pass 5 examinations plus additional coursework to gain this status.  Upper-level actuarial science majors are actively encouraged to take up to four of the actuarial examinations in order to fulfill graduation requirements and to give them a hiring advantage in the marketplace for this skill set.  Passage of at least one SOA or CAS examination has been a degree requirement in RMU’s Actuarial Science program since 2011.

The Actuarial Science program at RMU has several goals regarding actuarial examination pass rates:

  • At least 80% of its majors receiving grades of A or A- in its advanced statistics course will pass one examination within one year

  • At least 50% of Actuarial Science majors will have passed two examinations by graduation

  • At least 15% will have passed three examinations by graduation

For the past nine years goal 1 has been achieved.  For 2018 graduates, 80% passed at least two examinations by graduation and 15% passed 3 examinations.